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Club Statement - New branding

To all our supporters, followers, friends and family. With the unexpected end to the season due to covid-19. Myself and management team have been hard at work in preparation for the new season. With the last minute takeover back in June our efforts were to secure players and management for our two teams. We would like to thank everyone who was involved last season as the club was on the brink of folding. Taking over kept all hopes alive for the club to continue but all efforts were focused on the teams and continuing to fulfil fixtures for the 19/20 season. Moving forward we will be making changes to Hatfield Town FC from the ground up as we look to revitalise the club. Over the last few seasons the club has unfortunately took a decline in all aspects. Our targets are to regain the club’s former glories and take the club in a new direction securing a long lasting and successful football club.

As the new Chairman I’ve already overcome many challenges throughout the season and as we move forward I expect many more. In light of moving forward as a club we have a few announcements over these next few weeks.

As a club we are pleased to release our new club badge showing the lone stag facing forward. This indicates that as a club we look ahead in the direction we are taking Hatfield Town. We have kept the yellow ribbon to show as a club we have the same history only a new future. The red indicates our new club colours.

We hope you like it and we will bring you more updates over the next few weeks.



John Shearer


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